Show off your ONE DROPS thread!!!!

I usually don’t do these kinda threads, but i noticed there was no Show off your One drops thread soo… Its time. I just recently visited the One drop shop and met David and Shawn. The makers behind the scenes. Two of the nicest guys you will ever meet, Stop by there!! Anyways, i was able to add three new One drops to my collection making a total of nine one drops!! Here they are, everyone post yours!!!

I showed you mine, now show me yours!!!

LE submarine Code 1, Dietz, Jason Wong annoed (skittles colorway) Cafe Racer.

Niiiiiice broseph. those are some keepers right there!!!

Well the cafe would be the hardest to get from me. It is very nice though, my second piece of Jason Wong art, hehe. He does some amazing stuff that is for sure.

cant wait to start my one drop collection!

What kind of code one is that yellow blue and green one?


They call it the “fade to jade” Code 1. Its the second release of that colorway i think. I have another one, but its grey to green, not three colors. This new dip color looks absolutely stunning in person.

That is a sweeeeeet 54. Who painted that? Brett?

indeed! ;D

Niiiice. Can’t wait for the Code 2.
No pics, but I now have a red Code 1 along with my Green Dietz and Purple Burnside.
I love One Drop! These are three of my favorites of what I own, honestly.

Picked this one up at Bird in Hand.

There’s some OD stuff in this photo. :slight_smile:

These are NOT mine - Drool - But these are some pics I took of a few of Zammy’s OD’s that he brought to our North Eastern Wisconsin Throwers (N.E.W.T.) Yoyo Club- Ive never really had many One Drop, But since getting to try all of these, I will definitely be going for some in the BST.
Group 1: Oh so many nice throws

The Halifax and Dietz

Sovereign and Code2
Thanks Zammy!


Zammy’s such a boss.

Josh introduced me to him at worlds.

Just a Cafe Racer but I will probably buy more One Drops for my birthday coming up in March
Thunderbalt by zammyickler, on Flickr

“Thunderbalt” by Z-Photography 2012.


I love 1drop! Just got me self a custom vendetta anodized dingo!

Here’s some of my OD and OD manufactured stuff:

I think that’s one of everything that’s been available thus far.