Wooh! Need help spending birthday cash!


Alright so it’s my birthday and my relatives are giving me cash for yoyos since they can’t buy one themselves. My birthday isn’t over and all the cards haven’t come in but I know I have a good $150 to spend. I’m most I interested in full sized to oversized yoyos. And I’m trying to keep it strictly to this site and only the storefront (no bst). I enjoy slightly heavier throws that play lightly so around 65g~ and up. I’m not a huge fan of one drop but I’m looking at the cascade I’ve had a code 2 and a coupler others and wasn’t severely impressed. Please when making a recommendation make sure it’s in stock. With all that being said I’m not looking to drop all $150 I’m looking for elbow room for extra string, bearing, response. Thanks ;D

(2Sick Joey) #2

Get a Deadly Spins Wrath when they drop…they are really nice and one of the best yoyos I’ve Played in a while. Really cool colors and stuff. You should check it out

(laxdude99) #3

id pick up a ten yoyo dropbear, such a good yoyo and so stable


hmm, dropbear is a great yoyo. It is too thin for me. It is also not that heavy if I remember right.

my recommendation is hands down arctic circle. heavy, plays a bit lighter. full sized. 2 guys at my club have it and would not trade for anything in the world. I tried it and was realllly impressed


Hmm the dropbear isn’t really me. Any more modern v shapes? I’m starting to get into those.


V-Shape? Check out the stuff from C3. I’m thinking the Dark Sonic and Trident might be to your liking.





Werrd Hour. Don’t let the price fool you, it’s a premium throw. And you can even pick up a second more expensive throw with the change.

One Drop Burnside is also great and seems to fit your preferences more than the Cascade.


Listen to this guy, the hour is amazing!! Especially for the price. You might not like the cascade, I wasn’t really all that impressed. it was super heavy for my liking.


Hmmm… You need help spending cash. Send it to me.

(2Sick Joey) #11

(UmeNagisa) #12

Pretty much this. Sean.
or Trident!

or wait for the Tre to come out.

maybe the OG Heavy hitter, it plays similarly it a Sleipnir just a little less powerful and a little less stable.

cant say much for the HH2 SUV as i never tried one

maybe an Irony JP if you can find one? specs and shape to your liking!

(Owen) #13

Get one of the snapbacks


The hour is an option for sure. I was also thinking about the Orion by string theory or something from that brand.