Wooden delrin

Tried to die some delrin black today… needless to say, it didn’t go as intended.

After some sanding and some polishing, I ended up with this. The pictures are kinda crappy, but in real it looks JUST like stained wood.

that is cool…

I gotta agree. It does have a cool look to it. It does look like a stained and polished wood. A whole yoyo looking like that would be really cool. If you’re doing a 5A set like that, that would be pretty cool as well.

An entire wooden delrin yoyo would look amazing, but it would quite difficult to pull off… I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable doing it.

Not to motivate in a misleading manner, but if you were to do that with a counter weight with a bearing, I’d buy it just on the looks alone. But, it would depend on costs too!

I definitely hear what you’re saying. Over a much larger area, a mistake becomes more likely and potentially wrecking the whole project.

It is a counterweight with a bearing in it :slight_smile:

I might be making more of these… have to see where things go

I’d say that’s a nice product even by itself. I am wondering if you could get a matching cap for it so it looks like it was a solid piece. That would finish it up nicely. Not to say the other available counterweights are neat looking, but what you’ve just made looks really nice.

I would need a machinist to custom make delrin string buds.

You should file a patent on that. Beat Duncan to the punch… :wink:

The delrin looks good. I got a bag of 1 inch wooden balls with holes at a craft store.
There were a bunch of different sizes.