Bearingized counterweight. V 3.0

Note: If you’re interested in having a bearingized counterweight made for you, shoot me a pm.


The best working counterweight I’ve made yet. The new set up is inspired by Fjh123.

The rubber o-ring in the delrin ball holds the bead inside of the ball. the bead can be removed with a slight flick, but won’t come out in normal counterweight play.

Even the smallest amount of string tension is now dealt with VERY QUICKLY. Seriously. It’s almost scary.

Delrin :slight_smile: finally got a drill press so all of these are precision made! no more hand drills.

the delrin balls are 1" in diameter. A little smaller than spintop buttons, but plays better IMO.

UPDATE! bearingized yoyofactory spintop button. First off, I would like to say that the spinstop plastic is a major pain in the *** to work with. Other than that, it plays just like a regular spintop button, but without tension issues.

Note that the spintop button was beat up before I started the mod. the mod did nothing to damage it :slight_smile:

The hole is a little off center, but I’m using a hand drill and it was my first one.

Duncan dice

Plays amazing.

Instead of the bead idea that yoyojam had, I used a string bud from astrojax aquas. This makes it viable for both regular 5a tricks and astro type tricks.

The bearing helps tons with string tension. You can hear it adjusting when you’re doing fast paced tricks such as electric fan. The string bud sits on the bearing and can spin very freely

The bearing and string bud also significantly increased the weight of the counterweight. It now weighs about as much as a yellow bouncy ball.

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Can you make a tutorial on how to make this? :slight_smile: I want to make one really badly, I saw someone say they used a 1/2 drill bit so I was going to do that and see what size bearing to put in and put superglue along the out side and stick it in. Is that right or no?

It was me who posted to use a 1/2 inch drillbit. (outer diameter of a large bearing is 1/2 inch)

If you can figure it out, DO NOT USE SUPERGLUE. getting the bearing to fit properly is a delicate process. You want a tight fit. to remove the bearing, you have to use a yoyofactory bearing removal tool.

Oh yeah, I’m dumb :stuck_out_tongue: Also, would it be a good idea to use a dice that doesn’t weigh as much so it will weight closer to Duncan Dice? By the way, I’m not putting on the end thing that does the double dice.

The bead does is not there only for double dice, it is what the string is attached to and what the bearing spins on. I did make a non dual dice version using a little rubber stopper and a spacer for a pgm, but it didn’t work quite as well.

Personally, I think duncan dice are a little bit too light and could use a little heaping up. the weight isn’t really that far from a duncan dice, and you could probably just remove a little more plastic from the dice to make it lighter.

Now thats SICK.

So I have to make a bead thing? Why doesn’t it work with just a bearing? :-[

unless you are very clever, there is no viable way to securely attach a string to the inner track of a ball bearing.

Alright, then I am very confused now…Could I just buy a bead or use a cheap plastic one? And do I just put the string through the bead and put that in the dice? Also, what size bearing?

The string is attached to the bead. The string passes through the counterweight and the ball bearing. The outer trac of the ball bearing is securely attached to the inside of the counterweight. The bead rests of the inner trac of the ball bearing.

This means that when the string rotates, the bead does also. then, the bead turns the inner trac of the ball bearing to relieve the tension.

And yes, you can use any old bead.

Alright, I got the bearing in. Does the bead have to fit perfectly?

Just make sure the bead doesn’t come out of the inner race of the bearing. So no matter how you fling it, the bead stays on the bearing.

I’ve been doing ball bearing C/Ws like this for about a year.
Can’t sell them because of Duncan but I sometimes give them away with a S/C bearing purchase.
Got some new transparent dice I’m doing now.

I really like your design. If you wouldn’t mind, could you post some more pictures/ pm them to me? Thanks.

Sure Jake. Thanks.
This is a pix I used in an add when I sold just the bearing swivel. It came with a button you tied to one ring on the swivel and stuck it through the existing hole. The ones I do now are permanently fixed so the hole does not go through.
They work well because they are made for a torsional load, I also dry treat them.
I gotta say you did a great job of what you did. Looks factory.

I have one of these and it’s the best counter weight I’ve ever used!

Now that’s funny. So I guess you have a few S/C’s

I’ve never seen that kind of bearing. I wonder how differently it works in comparison to the set up that I used.

Also, I just ordered the materials to make 6 more of these. Excited to see what happens :slight_smile:

I pulled the bearing out of my boat tackle box. It’s used in big game fishing to keep the twist out of the line, kinda made sense, I think that one is rated for 140 lbs. Spins real free.
I would think you would want to use an A size bearing or smaller. Maby I’m missing something?

New ones being given away now…