Anybody know how to make counterweight?


I am starting to get into 5a but there is really no point of me ordering online just 4 something for 5-6 bucks! Anyway comment or leave a video or website anything so I can see your ideas on how to make counterweight

Thx or pm me if u want


Buy a 1" wooden ball, drill it(it might be a bead, then you don’t have to drill). Maybe round out the edges of the hole. Finish as designed, enjoy.

I may have some links somewhere to delrin balls.


Take a bouncy ball, dice, whatever, and drill a hole in it.


You want the hole more flared out so it reduces string wear.


That never ocuured to me, I thought sanding was so hat the wood wouldn’t be sharp and all splintery, but I personnaly don’t like string that shows any signs of wear (starting to fray, etc.) so that point is pretty much moot for me.


The sanding is for that. But, keep in mind, I’ve been told by rock climbers and other people who depend on ropes for their survival that whenever possible, you want to avoid sharp angles.

All the pre-made CW’s I have(I’ve received plenty with 1 exception, a Terrapin X bearingized die), the hole in the CW has a flared-shaped hole so it goes gently inside the hole. A little less stress on the string should make the chances of a break there be somewhat reduced.


It’s rally easy to drill a hole in a die especially if you start on a middle dot (e.g. one dot) I’m not sure about a ball though it seems like they’d slip easier than a dice


Refer to this guide on how to drill a hole into a round ball. It’s near the bottom.

Also, flared ends are much better for counterweights. they are easier on the string, and, in sliding dice scenarios, have much less drag when sliding. very worth doing.

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Search “how to make a Wasps nest counterweight” on google. choose the one on ehow


Cheep ball bearing CW.


Ya lkike on the five side drill down the middle hole.


Yeah or the middle one of the three


Well plastic doesn’t splinter.


Sharp edges are still sharp whether it is wood, plastic, or metal. There’s nothing wrong with a little chamfer.


Me noes.


My friend made a CW out of a dice ones, it side it basically exploded the first time it took a sharp impact, is that normal? I have been thinking about making one, but that story always deterred me from doing so.


Well it depends on what kind of dice you are using, the integrity of the dice beforehand (was it cracked/damaged), and how you made it.

Most dice made these days are quality enough to survive harsh impact with a metal yoyo. Depending on the plastic the dice is made of, the dice can be soft or hard. You’d be best off experimenting with dice until you find a good one.

Typically, You want to use a new dice. Not one that has been sitting around for a long time and has been subjected to harsh elements, falls, as you don’t want one that might have a crack in it.

When making the counterweight, assuming that you’re using a vice grip, dont tighten it too much. The plastic may (and probably will) crack, and then explode. Go slow, be careful, and wear safety glasses, especially when you’re working with a plastic that you’re not familiar with, as they behave differently. I once was drilling into a dice that exploded and it plastic in my eye. Had to go to the er to get it removed. Very painful.

If you’re careful about the kind of dice that you use and don’t damage It when you make it, you’ll be fine.