Bearingized counterweight. V 3.0

Now that is truly amazing. Where did you pick up the clear die?

That is one heck of a rad idea!!!

Hey Jake
I got two extra dice, want them?
They are 24mm and weigh just under 20g.

I need a CW and This looks amazing. How could i go of obtaining one >.>

I love this idea. I’ve been figuring out a way to do this for a while now. But I love your technique. I’m gonna try my own thing, but I’m really inspired by both of these ideas

If you guys send me counterweights, I can whip you guys up some bearingized counterweights.

Shoot me a PM is interested.

Updated :slight_smile:

Updated with V 3.0.

soooooooo cool ;D

The only thing cooler than seeing one of those C/W’s is actually having one.

I’m trying to improve my skills enough so I can at least bang out a 30-second 5A routine. That’s gonna be used as my training counter weight until I build a glowing or LED flashing one.

I’m also going to be placing an order for a few more Terrapin X bearings, so I might end up with an extra. Having a spare is always a good thing.

why put a bearing in it? just wondering…and how much?!

It helps keep string tension in check.

Currently building up my stock, and I haven’t decided on a new price yet. I’ll let you know.