Spin top button?

Recently, I watched some yoyofactory videos, and they called the counter weights “spin top buttons” whats up with that? Copywrite issues?

ya. counterweight is taken. so now there spin top buttons witch doesn’t make sense to me.

Can you buy “spin top buttons”? And I mean from yoyofactory

They sell them at competitions - 4 for $1.00.

Also, you’re right about the copyright issues - Duncan has legal ownership of the term “counterweight.” Fun fact though, YoYoFactory also makes spin tops which they also sell at competitions. In spin top play, you attach a spin top button to the top string to hold in your hand during play since to my knowledge there is no slipknot on the string for your finger. Handy thing about these things is they double as counterweights for 5A yoyo play, hence the terminology.

Awesome, thank you, and are they all those big white ones i saw in the videos?

If you are referring to the ones in the 5A May tutorials then yes. :wink:

Any ideas on how much they weigh?

They also have trans Red ones… I can’t wait to pick some up at worlds ;D

I have four translucent red Spin Top buttons. My favorite counterweights! They feel a little lighter by a little then the Duncan die counterweight.

The red ones are plastic and the white ones are bouncy balls (at least they were when I picked some up at worlds 09). A spin top button is what goes on the end of the string of a spin top so you can hold onto it. Same thing as a counterweight without the royalties and licensing and all that jive nonsense

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wait what?


And Duncan also patented selling counterweights packaged with yoyos… So you’ll never see a Spintop button with a Dienasty or anything… I hope once they start selling the YYF spintops online they will sell the buttons two… I’d like to try some…