YYF spintop buttons


I heard many people talk about them, what are they. Can someone show me a picture of them?

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They are what yoyofactory uses for counterweight

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #3

Pretty sure they are spintop buttons, not bottom.

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Before I started the topic I did some google search and I didn´t find any pictures.


I believe they are not made anymore

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Why not, they are spintop buttoms, its up to the one who buys it to do whatever they want with whatever they buy. Seringes are made for medical use but I use them for applying silicone, thats a product that was made for something and I am using it for something completely different.

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They still sell them, at comps. I bought 12 at BLC this year.


Show me a pic please.


i highly doubt they will be selling them at any competitions in the future


The patent thing seems kind of silly, just because the comsumer is using the product as a CW doesnt mean the seller is. It like duncan will sue dice making companies because you buy a die drill a hole and you got a CW.


i don’t think it is silly and i am sure brandon will post the official explanation on here soon


Whats ironic is that at the top of that google page is this thread…