Counter weights


I just have a simple question why doesn’t any other company besides Duncan make counter weights

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Diamont Noir
Aero yo

There is probably more I’m forgetting.


Does od , clyw or yyf


I thought that Duncan had a patent on counterweights. Do these companies have Duncan’s consent to make and sell counterweights? I knew about YYJ getting permission to include a counterweight with their Pinnacle yoyo…


Yeah. Duncan has them patented. You need Duncan’s permission to include counterweights.


I know Diamont Noir got permission from Duncan.

Not sure about the other ones but most likely they all got permission.


No, but you can slap a clyw sticker on a cw and it would be like the exact thing. (same for od and yyf)

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YYF use to sell “spintop buttons” Which were essentially counterweights but they claimed they were for your spintop. They eventually got grilled by duncan and stopped selling them.


For a self-proclaimed ‘yoyo nerd’, I’m surprised you don’t know that Duncan holds the patent for the counterweight style of yoyo play applicable in the United States and Germany.

As far as I’m concerned, YoYoJam and Diamont Noir are the only licensees to Duncan’s patent. Other companies probably still sell yoyos with counterweights [like Aero Yo and Shinwoo], but they must be removed if they want to sell those in the US and Germany.


Dude chill man don’t have to b mean just a simple question and wanted a simple NICE answer


LOL that wasn’t a mean response. He explained it to you very well. Don’t be so sensitive.


What he said :stuck_out_tongue:





runs out of room crying


The Werrd Watchamacallit holster has a “wooden ball with a hole in it.”

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You mean, hopped? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yoyofqctory has spin top buttons


they dont make spintops

Its a very good counterweight

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They’ve made two spintops…

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