Women's fitted t-shirts?

I understand that this probably isn’t the place for this, and I also understand that it’s pretty much beyond YYE’s control. But, where are all the women’s fitted t-shirts?

It’s just more annoying that OneDrop and CLYW obviously use female models, but they don’t provide an option for women’s cut. Unless I just haven’t ran across them.

And don’t get me started on unisex styles…

So, note to other manufacturer’s – females yoyo too! Even though yoyo apparel is totally dorky, I just think it could be an ok investment which really doesn’t have to be that large at all. Actually, it’s probably not a great investment whatsoever, but it would still be nice to have =X.

Lol I never actually thought about that
It really is quite strange though

I mean women still look good in the men’s shirts lol but I can understand ur frustration.

don’t get me started whatever mens t-shirt I’m wearing makes me look like I’m swimming in it unless i have something covering the sleeves like one of my many plaid shirts i own. that and i do realize the hobby is male dominate but not everything has to be advertised to them. that and the female population for the hobby is slowly and steadily rising so they might want to take it into consideration.