Apparel Ideas?


I know it sounds rather silly, but what have you wanted see out of certain companies for apparel. How do you want to represent your favorite company.

Personally, I want to see, if CLYW ever makes a Wooly Marmot 2, they will make a Brown Wooly cap with the face of a Wooly Marmot on it. I would buy it instantly


Enough said.


Hoodies! I love me a good hoodie.

The Slusny one is gorgeous, but I read it’s a team-only kind of thing. Shame. :confused:


I’m personally working on a project right now for a yoyo themed shirt and I’m sure everyone will love it


Me too! I don’t wear hats much.


I wouldn’t mind if companies made some clothing more tailored to us girls once in a while personally.


I would agree most stuff is all the same…

nothing that any woman/girl/babe I know would want.


(LordCanti) #8

Phone cases, lanyards(for keys), and keychains/fob thingies.


Women fitted t-shirts? No? I am getting tired of wearing men’s cause my short hair makes me look like a guy when I wear them.


I totally agree. I wanted to buy one for my friend that yoyoed for a while, but there weren’t any women sized shirts. It’s quite odd. It’s also not that hard