Without a yoyo

My duncan raptor got stripped, my l3 is to slippy, and my black professional yoyo from shen zhou has no respons. Now i have to wait till Sunday to order a new yoyo. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Well i have been yoyoing a lot and my elbow is hurting so maybe it is for the best that i don’t yoyo till sunday.

can your shen zhou use flowable silicone?

read a book…

Read a book of yoyo tricks.

Here’s a tip:
Have a spare handy and maintain what you have. That way this doesn’t happen again. If anything, have a few low-cost models to “feed your need” while you wait for your primary ones to get taken care of.

Also, buy some spare parts to fix anything that breaks so you have it ready to go.

Sorry to hear of your temporary outage. I had to stop entirely for the time being to rest my arm. Mainly, I gotta move 2 tons of gear in for a show, do the show(mix 4 bands) and then move it right back out.

I am pretty sure it does but where should i buy it.
Well my l3 is not as bad as i thought but I don’t throw it a lot. I only throw it when i am to lazy to get the knot out or if i am practicing a routine for a camp talent show that i will go to in August and my raptor gets a knot so i have to use my l3 like i would in real life instead of stopping to get the knot out.

I guess i should buy some spare parts. I can’t get a new axle because the axle is fine it is the threads inside the yoyo that are stripped. My plan is to buy either the Battle Axe blue from shen zhou or maybe the starlite or Dienasty. My last option is wait for awhile to get the Blitzfire from shen zhou but i don’t know if i can wait that long. Both options will have me waiting until next week or even farther oh well.

get it at 99 cent store or dollar store
comes in a couple different colours
should look something like this

and you can find some pretty good throws for cheap in the b/s/t
I know someone’s selling some aodas for less than $30 shipped

I’m not sure,but ive pretty sure they dont sell silicone at a 99 cent/dollar store.Ive never seen 1$ stores sell silicone,but i could be wrong.If they dont have it at a dollar store they should have it at auto parts stores.

Knots? As soon as my string gets a knot, I remove the knot, Doesn’t take that long for me, but I’m rather used to working with small strings and have a tool I use to help get the knots out.

I looked at the aodas there is a good possibility of me buying one. My l3 is good for now. If i buy one it will be next week because i would have to get my moms approval but she is in Nevada visiting her dad.

Well, welcome to the world of modding! When you’re yo-yos aren’t playing to your liking then you have to start learning how to fix them.

I recommend siliconing your yo-yos without a response.

Your Raptor should be able to play even if it’s stripped. My Grey Fox has a stripped axle and it still plays. Just be careful with it. If you must then you can find some loctite to fix it or add a tiny amount (miniscule) of super glue to that little post of the axle (apply where the hub meets the axle) and let it dry overnight.

That super glue idea was from the old guy downstairs who knows how to fix stuff. IDK if it works but according to him and his wife, it should hold up. They did inspect my yo-yo and thought about it.

If i try to screw in the yoyo it doesn’t it just spins. When the axle first screws into the yoyo is where it is stripped so the axle is fine. I will silicone it if my dad will buy it for me.

My local dollar store (The 99¢ Only Store to be exact) stocks that silicone, the “Pro Seal” branded stuff. It actually holds up pretty well, I bought some of the red sili. Last year, at this time, I felt like I was at a loss. My only major/decent throw I had was my FH2010. Both friction stickers were worn to the cloth. I had no clue about silicone either. I then found my Mosquito, in which the silicone pads on that tore as well. Fed up with worn/torn pads, I picked up a Dragonfly, not knowing it was geared towards beginners, plus I wanted one anyway. Later, I ended up picking up a Zombie, which had the long lasting nubby silicone pads. Finally, I ended up getting a Yomega Maverick thus this was the new journey I was to take on in yoyoing. Now, I’ve got enough throws that if one dies down, I got 10 more to fall back on.

About that stripped Raptor, how possible is it to rethread these? I’m now hoping I don’t come across accidentally stripping mine therefore I only take it apart if I absolutely need to. I’ll even go as far as taking something flat to undo a knot before I unscrew the yoyo. I did notice my local hardware store sells the small axles the Raptor has, actually at a variety of lengths. So should I lose any axles, I’ll definitely hit up that store. I think they also have C-sized bearings, not sure.

Some days off can have surprising results.

you might as well have gotten a bit more level when you’ll get some throw back, in a few days.

Oil the bearing with heavy lube in the black professional from Shen Zhou to make it responsive, it comes clean so it is unresponsive.

I know it is unresponsive i am talking about the actual response in the yoyo it wore out. I am ordering another one of them to get the extra response and put it in the old one.

My raptor screwed together to bad i took out the response and put it in a different yoyo. I will buy response with along with another yoyo.

Is your raptor’s axle stripped, or where the axle screws into??? If it is where the axle screws into, try this:

Take out the bearing, lubricate the axle, then put a bit of hot glue or super glue where the axle screws into, screw it together. Let it set.

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