What do stripped yoyo first time

I haven’t thrown my wedge in like, 2 days. So I pick it up, throw it down and notice it’s loose. So I say “ok” and go to tighten. It wont. So I open it up and its stripped on one side of the hub. The threads peeled off the axle like a cotton candy swirl. And the axle is stuck on the other side.

My replay pro has tanked more hits that this and its 4 years old. Am I just unlucky?

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Just unlucky I imagine. Maybe you or someone else in your household over tightened it? You might be able to get YYF to fix/replace it, talk to @yyfben2.

If you can’t get it fixed or replaced, I am willing to give you mine for the cost of shipping, assuming you live in CONUS—or free if you don’t have a way to pay the shipping. I don’t throw it, I am going to buy a different plastic, I don’t feel like trying to sell it, and I have a favor I would like to pay forward, so it’s no big deal.

Eh, ill buy a plastic yoyo at lv open, if they got some, which they probably do