Question about a stripped yoyo half

Hi, everyone - wasn’t sure if I should ask here or in Mod/Maintenance

I got a Magicyoyo Dark Sprite via eBay today, and one of the halves is stripped (the small axle’s threads look good).

The yo holds together ok, but it doesn’t take much to twist it more. It still has enough grip to hold it together, but it also doesn’t take much to keep twisting it.

My question, before going to the trouble of sending it back, is what would you do if you had no alternative but to fix it up as best you could?

I’ve tried blue Loctite on another yoyo, but it didn’t hold very well (maybe I need a lesson in application there, as I was afraid of getting too much Loctite in the hole and having it run through and inside the caps (though that may not be the issue I once thought it was). I also applied a bit to the axle.

Anyway, your thoughts would be appreciated.

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Contact the seller and get a exchange/refund/replacement. Do not mess with it unless you stripped it yourself.

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I very well may do that, my concern right now is not getting the deal made right, but trying to learn a little more about what can happen to a throw and what is fixable, what is not, etc…

Are you commenting only on the transaction, or are you saying by what you wrote that there’s no way to make it any better than it is right now?

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Yikes. I would try teflon tape on the axle.

I hope you left negative feedback so that others do not get duped by this person in the future.


If you are looking to get it retapped Landon Balk does good work but it might cost more than the yoyo itself.


As previously posted, getting it retapped could be costly (shipping and labor), and teflon around the axel only helps so much and may not prevent it from degrading further from being able to twist.

There is also the danger of it flying apart when doing a trick and impaling yourself or someone in the eye.


Thanks for the name.

I got (eBay) an older, custom painted/custom capped YYJam Matrixx from YYJ (awhile back YYJ were selling some of their older, custom stuff).

The axle was rusted. I tried to remove it but succeeded only in stripping some of the threads. So I kept trying, assuming I would just replace the axle, but I can’t get it out (pliers, vise, etc…). It must be very firmly cemented in (to say the least!).

I’ve contacted Landon about it. As the throw is a custom job, I would like to have it in working order.

BTW, if you see any older throws on eBay from YYJam, be sure to have them open the yoyo and check things. I bought a different yoyo before the Matrixx, and it came without an axle, and the bearing was kind of rusty. Thought it was a fluke, but than came the Matrixx…

Thanks again!

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dude, the real question here is “how did you find a D5 on ebay?”

i can find every other model the company makes but the Dark Sprite is like a ghost on ebay, i’ve never seen one and i’ve been searching since reading dude’s review here on YYE forums

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D5’s are everywhere for me. Dang, Ebay!

how…? teach me your magic please, i want one

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This was a set of 2. The other was on top of the DS in the photo, so the wouldn’t have given it away.

Maybe adjust your eBay search to “worldwide” instead of just North America, or whatever. Lots of the Magicyoyos on eBay come from China. Not all, but maybe most of the DS’s do.

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ya i know i’ve ordered the N12 and D6 from China… still can’t find the D5 Dark Sprite anywhere on there. search only, worldwide, US only, nowhere can i find it. i adjust the search like magicyoyo d5, magic yoyo d5, magic yoyo ds, magicyoyo dark… honestly try everything

can someone link me to one of the ones for sale (*edit: in a PM please, don’t want to break rules)? i mean i use ebay all the time, can find hundreds and hundreds of magic yoyos, but not the D5

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If you’re not finding them using the search parameters you’re using, they’re probably not there, then.

BTW, you might want to overlook the DS. I’ve had 2 of them - the one above, and then a mint one from another BST here that I got yesterday.

BOTH of them had the feel of a stripped axle/receptacle. On both, there was enough grip to play and not come loose, but not by a great deal. You could screw the halves together and never get to a stopping point.

Seems to be a manufacturing issue. The feel on both when screwing the halves together was exactly the same.

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