Just my luck!

So I lost the axle to my BOSS about a month ago, and couldn’t find it. Last night I made a purchase of just some random yoyos and also ordered a new axle. This morning I woke up and laying in a sandwich baggie on the table was my axle and a note from my sister saying “I found this and it looked like a yoyo thing”

It was only like two bucks, so I’m not real upset, but I can’t help but say “Why?” Any one else ever have any experience like this?


One of my kids likes to take my yoyo apart, put it back together, throw it and since he didn’t tighten it down, I get an explosion of parts. Often times that means lost parts, especially when outside.

Anyhow, he sorta did that with my FHZ Pulse, that I put a Terrapin X A+ Beefcake kit in. He didn’t throw it. It came loose and the bearings and spacers went flying. Found everything but 1 bearing. I contacted John about a replacement, to which he said they came in a set, which made sense, and I’d have to order a new set, which I was going to. BTW: Terrapin X stuff is amazing. Anyhow, before we finalized the sale, and I had already sent my money, I found it. I told him and he sent me a different bearing I wanted anyways.

I think it’s wise to stock up and have a few common parts around. You never know when you’ll need them.

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I’ve got a good one for ya, though it’s not so much yo-yo related.

This past tax season I opted to have part of my return loaded on one of those prepaid visa cards, solely for the peace of mind of ordering things from sites that I wasn’t 100% confident in using my other cards or paypal. I received the card in like 3 days, but it took around 2 weeks or so for the return to be loaded on it. The day I received the email saying my value has been loaded also happened to be the same day I decided to do a serious cleaning/organizing session in my room. Now it was just my luck that I misplaced the card during my cleaning. It was then I proceeded to undo all of my previous cleaning efforts in an attempt to find said lost visa card. After a good hour plus of searching I gave up, believing at this point I must have thrown it out, and called up turbotax for a replacement.

A few hours passed and one of my roommates came home from work. I explained to him the whole ordeal I went through, the hours I spent scouring for this elusive silver visa card. Right as I finish the story he looks over to my desk and asks, “That isn’t it, is it?”. Sure enough there it was the whole time just sitting on my desk, it honestly couldn’t have been in a more visible location. Worst part was I had to wait another 10 days for the replacement to come, and eat a $4.95 replacement fee.