witch yoyo should i get (and 1 more Q)

DNA, superstar, 888, hectic, dv888, any other you prefer but must be full metal yoyo
i really like the 888,DNA yoyo shape witch looks like the newbreed
i don’t love really big yoyo i didn’t try the small yoyo my hand is not big
i love heavy yoyos & smooth  ???

the Q is

witch is rite

in yoyo expert it says that The eight8eight
Weight 66 grams


and in yoyonation they say it Weight (g) 64.00


now witch is rite ???

Let’s narrow it down. You say you like the shape of the 888 and DNA, then we can cross off Hectic and Superstar. So now your choices are 888, DNA, and dv888. I highly reccomend the 888 and the dv888. Haven’t tried a DNA, but it is big I know. So it’s really between 888 and dv888. Heavy and smooth… dv888 fits you perfectly.

Do you like the size of your Dark Magic? If yes, DNA. If no 888.

And you can only get the classic 888s now, which are about 44 grams. The specs have never been changed on this page, so it is still 66 which was the weight of the 09 888.

Wow, that must be awkward.

Yeah… did he type that right or is that what it really is?

oh well i guss i well get the 888 class aqua splash looks nice and smaller is nicer i think
but did any 1 tryed it yet if yes plaese till me if its good or no

The classic 888s are 64 grams. Pheenix simply had a typo.

So you like undersized and heavy, huh?

Have you considered the Wedgie by Big Brother Yo-Yo’s, or the P2 by One Drop? Most YoYoFactories seem to be either small and light, or big and heavy. The two I mentioned above are both undersized and heavy to fit your preferences.

If it must be a YYF, I think the 09 888 (No longer in stock) would be about as close as you can get to heavy and undersized.

To answer your question, the 07, 08, and “Classic” edition 888’s were 64 grams, and the 09 edition was around 67 grams.