Witch one yyf hot or yyf proton


Help I need to know what is better
I like the hot and I like the the proton I want a great yoyo so I don’t know witch one of these I should get help


The proton plays very good but the hot has a nice spin I like the proton more because of its shape but bothare a good yoyo I think you should get the one you think you would like more :slight_smile:


Hot is amazing!!!


H.O.T definitely.


(kclejeune) #6

Uh both are probably two of my top favorite YYF’s. The proton is so incredibly nice, I would probably have to give it the edge. That being said, I love the hot to death. Either is a good choice.


The hot is great but proton is just amazing long spin I think the proton is better both are great yoyos either choice is good


I’d personally take the proton. I prefer it’s shape

Have you considered the too hot and cyborg? They’re pretty much the updated versions of these 2 throws