hot or turning point?


i’m getting one of them not sure though which one to get, which should i get? and what are the differences?


It totally depends on which TP you choose, lol. You have to be more spesific to get a proper answer.


oh yea i’m sorry, i ment the yyf H.O.T. or the yyf turning point, they both are champions edition


By Yoyofactory Turning Point, do you mean the Proton?


What yoyos do you currently own?


omg yes hahaha i’m sorry i got mixed up. but yes the proton or the H.O.T.


Someone left a HOT on the stageside table at BAC.
It wasn’t a good yoyo for me.

I’ve played the Proton. I did like it. That’s something I want to get fairly soon.


Adrien La used the H.O.T at BAC a lot, until he got the CZM84VK (hint hint), an also very very very good yoyo that I kinda regret trading.


:frowning: I’m treating her well, i promise! To OP the CZM84VK is in fact amazing, and for the money it’s one of the best deals around.


She’s in good hands, now. :wink:


The first time I threw the hot I didn’t like it, but after a couple throws its was good. I’ve never tried turning point.