yoyofactory hot or yoyofactory new superstar

I cant decide to get a hot or superstar i want the yoyo to be good at horizontal and slack play.

I own the H.O.T, and it’s amazing, but I cannot compare it to the new Superstar, because I do not own one.  I will have the old Superstar very soon.  If you are lucky, you might find someone who owns them both.

But, if I were you, I would ask the same question on YoyoFactory’s official ask.fm page.  I think you will get the most credible and informative answers directly from YoyoFactory, as it relates to comparing one of their yo-yo’s performance to another.  They designed an tested their throws, and know the benefits of each design.  I find their answers to be straight to the point, and helpful in that regard.  Also, they will respond in a timely fashion.  Have fun with whichever you choose.

I’ve noticed that YoyoFactory always answers on ask.fm in favour of their newest models except when it would be embarrassing. Probably not unreasonable since they’ll typically believe that new models are an improvement over old ones (and if they didn’t, there would be a problem!). :wink: However, these are both in their current roster so you might get a proper answer.

Whenever possible, it’s best to get information from a source that doesn’t have a potential agenda. A good non-YYF player who does horizontal (slack will be fine on both!) and has played both is your optimal source.

I played the HOT and didn’t care for it. I have the 2013 SuperStar and I enjoy that. Just my preferences, nothing more.

Both will be idea for what you’re after. If horizontal is more important, the 2013 Superstar has the edge due to the slightly wider shape and it being designed with horizontal play being a major factor. Other than that, I can’t see anything wrong with either choice.

I have played with the both and I think the superstar is better at side spinning and slack.In my opinion the H.O.T is good at grinding but it takes extra practice.

Like how does the hot play like is it floaty or heavy on the string does it play fast or slow does it have to be pushed same with the superstar does it play heavy or floaty or does play fast or slow and does the superstar need to be pushed and they do tech tricks

Thanks for all the imput i still have not decided yet

I can only speak for the H.O.T., and it is definitely a heavier throw which you might gather from the specs already. It feels solid to me, but not too heavy actually. I prefer heavier throws anyway. It does not play fast, nor slow to me…just right. I would not describe this as a “floaty” yo-yo. The edges are a bit sharp, and it’s wide, of course, so keep that in mind. Yoyodoc and others on the board are also enjoying it, and I highly recommend it.

I would hate to see you hit a dead end trying to find someone who plays your style, and has access to both these throws. Even someone who has thrown them both, may have spent thirty seconds doing so, and that may not be the best source of information for you. A lot of these " this or that" types of threads get posted in by people who own neither throw asked about, and certainly do not have both. That Yoyofactory ask page is a great source of information, because at least you will be asking someone who has played them both extensively. Now, if you’re buying any YoyoFactory…you’re already on the right track. :wink:

Update about what you decide. If it’s the Superstar, I’m curious how the new one plays…I don’t have it yet. The shapes are totally different, do you prefer one shape over another? Just curious.

Yah im torn between the two i like both shapes and i like the fact that they are heavy and i like that they are both wide yoyos

My suggestion is to not rush in. I always recommend trying before you buy anyways. That’s always the best bet.

My only issue with YYF these days is I’m finding many of their yoyos just don’t work well for me. It’s still all good stuff regardless.

I prefer the HOT personally

really comes down to if you wwant a more rounded or angular shape since they’re both awesome