winning bird or dark star?

im wondering what would be better for 1a the winning bird or dark star.both made by c3 yoyo. :slight_smile: thanks!

I’m sure either would be fine for 1a. it’s just personal preference. the dark star is a little bit bigger, but a little bit lighter. being that they’re both $100, I’m sure either will be able to take anything you throw at them. highspeed yoyo has a review on the dark star, but haven’t found one for the winning bird yet

there is a reveiw of the winning bird here.

tried both

if you like it floaty, dark star, the winning bird is more solid, precise, I prefer the winning bird, the thing is a beast

I have never tried either but if I had to choose…I would say the dark star. The only reason is that the dark star has a nice fit made for an o-ring, so you could change the weight to make it more like the winning bird. The specs are almost the same but the weight differs so get the one that you can adjust the weight on. The winnig bird might have the same lip underneath so you could add weight but I don’t know…you could contact yoyoexpert and ask them about that. Hope I helped.

they are 2 very different throws, I doubt the weight rings would turn the dark star into a winning bird

my friend loves the dark star and can’t play with the WB, for me, it’s the opposite

the WB allowed me to learn new tricks
the DS prevented me to do the tricks that I know

then again, it’s the opposite with my friend

both are gorgeous