Win a One Drop x CLYW Summit Prototype from


You just got a new subscriber on the email list! This is awesome! I really want to get one of these!

By Prototype… Do you mean the ones they sold at CalStates?

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I already subscribe; do I need a new account in order to enter?

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It’s one of the original prototypes. As in the ones with blasted catch zone and raw cup.

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Okay… Hmm, was this the original prototype that they changed for the main run?

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excellent, just signed up! :slight_smile:

Nope…if you’re on the list, you’re entered!

These are not the same as the ones sold at Cal States. This is one of the first five clear ano prototypes…not the ones with the blasted catch area and raw cups.

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Just subscribed! Thanks!

Yes. 22 of the 25 Chris sold at CA states were production run Summits. The other 3 of the 25 were Version 1 prototype summits. They were sold randomly. You handed Chris the money, and he handed you a box.

cant wait till it comes out on april 5th!

I subscribed a while back and I haven’t got any emails. Is it a monthly newsletter or am I missing something?

I don’t recall getting anything yet either. But I subbed. :wink:

Alright, at least I know I’m not the only one.

I subbed!

me to

It will be a weekly newsletter, but we haven’t started sending them out yet. They’ll start in mid-April. :slight_smile:

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Awesome of you guys doing this ^ ^

But…I’m curious if you are able to prevent some people who may have multiple emails from getting an entry multiple times > . <

Thanks for doing this!



Very excited! Not only for the contest, but for the newsletters to start!


Signed up! Can’t wait for some NEWS! haha. :wink: