Will Fingerspins harm the finish of my yoyo?

I recently got a Horizon with a splash paint design, and the finish feels quite different from other plain horizons I’ve tried before. On other horizons, fingerspins were no problem, but with the splash horizon, it feels a bit like my fingernail is scraping on a chalkboard. When I look closely on the yoyo surface, there are really faint scratch lines on the surface of the finish (but not affecting the color splash itself).

These scratches do seem to come off with a small bit of water, but can anyone tell me if I’m hurting the yoyo? Am I actually scratching the finish when I do fingerspins? Are these splash color horizons any good for fingerspins, or do I just need practice with the new finish?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure why the finish of a splash horizon would feel different than a solid so I can’t comment about that.

I do a ton of fingerspins on all of my yoyos and I get very faint scratch marks on some of them too but it doesn’t break ano so I’ve never thought much about it.

As for practicing with the new finish as you said, that might fix it. I’m not sure why but in my experience, brand new yoyos don’t fingerspin as well or feel as smooth on a fingerspin until you do a few dozen to break it in I guess.