Shutter finish?


So i was deciding whether to buy a shutter or horizion, and i decided to buy a shutter.But i heard that it’s finish has a lot to do with finger spins and other stuff.Is this true/what finishes should i avoid?


Matte finish I found doesn’t feel to good for them
Kinda like nails on a chalk board


Well my Czechpoint galaxy have a texture like you say, nails on chalkboard, but over time it does smoothen out to and have less cringing effect. (or maybe it’s the engraving, but still, playing with it seems to wear down the effects)

The new matte was supposed to provide a better surface for skin to yoyo contact, for grinds trick, and over time finger spin will get better


But i was asking for the shutter…


YYF uses a lot of the same finishes on different products. Especially with the budget metals. So someone with a horizon, aviator, whatever can probably still provide some useful information. Hope that helps.


I have a horizon and it has a blasted finish which is the same as a matte finish. The shutter, just looked it up, has a blasted finish too. The horizon has a good finger spin cup and has long spinning time. I don’t have a shutter so I can’t tell you about it but when I got my horizon I also wanted to buy a shutter. But I chose the horizon and I don’t regret my choice.


I hope this answers correctly. There are 2 different shutter finishes, the regular blasted and the matte. The regular blasted is not goof for finger spins and grinds and all, but it is good for consistency. The matte finish will be rough at first, but you have to wear it down. You can wear it down during play, which is kinda recommended so you can get the feel for the yoyo. You can also rub the yoyo down with a pair of jeans or jean jackets or whatever. It is quick and it makes it better pretty fast