Any kind of grind help.

When I do a finger grind it rolls off. How do I make it to stay? I try looking in the Internet but that doesn’t help that much. When I throw the yoyo and try to land the yoyo on my finger which is facing down a bit - it rolls of my finger really fast. How do I make it to stay? Help please.

So you are throwing a break away and trying to land it on your throw hand pointer finger, correct? If so, just tilt your hand so that it is more of an angle up towards the side it is shooting off.

You need a yo-yo with a decent grinding surface, usually described as a blasted or bead blasted surface. the One Drop Pyramatte finish and other tumbled finishes also works quite well but tend to get sticky in humid weather which causes the yo-yo to shoot off. Raw metal, polished anodized metal, and most injection mold plastics are considered poor grinding yo-yos that do not stay on the skin during an attempted grind.

It depends on the direction it’s spinning. If you are trying it from a breakaway land it on your throw hand fingers slightly tilted down. If you are trying it front style and trying to land the same way it will spin off. Because the direction of spin of the yoyo.

Would a shutter be good with a finger grind?

I think it would depend on the Shutter. I cannot remember if they made polished and blasted versions of it. All the ones currently sold on YYE look to have a blast finish. The titanium Shutter is raw so it is not going to be as good a grinder.

My current favorite for grinds is the MarkMont Classic. My all time favorite for grinds is the General Yo 5-Star v.2, but it has bee retired for quite some time. I still consider General Yo’s finish to be the gold standard as far as grind surfaces are concerned.

I’m getting a yoyo factory shutter Death acid wash

Any infor on that

Do u have any infor on the shutter death acid wash? That’s the one I’m getting

That one should work nicely for finger grinds.

I use my black shutter for finger grinds and it is amazing!

The shutter has a blasted finish so any shutter would be good for finger grunds

Try a front style throw, then grind on your left hand instead of your right. I think it’s a little easier, as the string is less likely to snag and the yoyo is less likely to fall off your finger. You can always do the other way after you get the feel for the technique. Hope this helps!


What are you trying to say😄 My all time favorite is the horizon, just no beating it with finger spins and sheer grind duration. The shutter is awesome at irgs though.