Not sure if anyone has tried this?


I’m kinda new to yoyo’ing (had a yomega raider back in the day). I bought a few budget metal yoyo’s (drifter, maverick) and really liked them so I decided to step up in class and bought a onedrop v-benchmark. I really like the finish on the yoyo and when combined with monkey finger buff it had a great feel but after several hours of playing I noticed that the buff would kind of wear off. So on a whim I decided to very very lightly hit the one drop with some metal polish (the kind that you tear off a little piece not liquid) and then hit it with the monkey finger buff and it feels a lot smoother and after a few hours of play still feels like I just buffed it. Has anyone else tried this? If you do want to try just go very very lightly with the metal polish as it can cause the ano and paint to wear off the yoyo. When I did it I applied almost no pressure. With that being said I’m not sure I would try this with certain types of finishes.