MonkeyFinger Buff or?

is MonkeyFinger buff the best yoyo polish out there or is there another great product that you guys and gals recommend?

Never tried Monkeyfinger Buff.

But I can recommend Mothers Polish.

I have had amazing results using it.

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It should be all about the same. I haven’t tried the MonkeyFinger though.

thanks for the recommend on the mothers i might try that before i pick up some MonkeyFinger buff (or i might try them both and do a review…)

lets see if i can compile a list from the help of the community and see if i can do a best and worst of buff thread in the future with good photo heavy photos and input on what works and what doesn’t.

mothers and monkey finger buff are used differently. From what I hear mothers is used to polish and give a nice shine to a raw yoyo. where mfd buff is used to give a nicer grinding surface, and a shine. So from that aspect I say mfd buff would be the best bet.

The buff is intended to bring out the colours in the anno, as well as improve the grind surface. It’s also all natural (ie if you get it on your hands and forget to wash them, no worries :).

Monkey Buff rocks! Like Jeremy said, it really makes the yoyo pop, and makes the colors look that much better. Plus, after you use the Buff, it makes the grinding surface AMAZING. Imagine the Monkey Buff on combined with your Majesty’s awesome finish! That would grind forever.

So for those of you who have tried buff, around how many yoyos (meaning both halves) will one tube last?

Also, are all MF buffed from the box?

How about this for a buffed ano job?

^ Oh my, that’s a beautiful 54! What are you going to do now, strip it? :smiley:

I just posted it up to let you know that this was NOT done with Monkey buff.

From my understanding, Monkey buff is for grinding. The mothers buff (don’t know what it is) is for a really nice polish.

Dunno. Here it says it’s a polish to make it shine, etc…

Does anyone have a picture of a yoyo with the buff? I’m actually quite interested in this, if it can really bring out the colours and improve the grinding finish, I’ll put it on my old Supernova.

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MF buff is used to polish the ano on a yo-yo.

It gives it that extra “Pop” a yoyo has like the day you bought it.

I’ve been told by Monkey Finger that the Buff can also be used on raw yoyos. Anyone want to send me a tube lol I personally use Mother’s. Also, the anodize on that 54 was most likely buffed with Mother’s Aluminum Polish.

im buying the buff and will pick up some mothers (and a few other different waxes/polishes) and do one side of each different products and stick them in my light tent and see what we can find out :slight_smile:

You’re getting confused and not listening to some people on here… They are used for 2 different things. The buff is to make an ano’d throw shinier and look “newer” and IMPROVE grinding. The mother’s polish makes the yoyo way shinier than the buff but DESTROYS the grinding abilities.

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i think you assume i don’t know anything. wax is a wax mothers and MonkeyFinger has to be a wax base and both do the same purpose with minor differences is the stuff that isn’t wax.

but im glad you know what im thinking and can explain how im confused and must not be listening :slight_smile:

so what will it hurt if i get a handful of different products and apply them then review them? are aren’t you listening?

sorry if that came off as rude, but you seem to not care about putting words into peoples mouths and ideas out there that don’t exist.

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You didn’t even specify if you are polishing a raw or anodized yoyo…

Both polishes will have a different effect.

So do you plan on polishing a raw yoyo? Because if that is the case, PM me or Yoyospirit.

Either of us can give you detailed instructions on polishing a raw yoyo.

Unless you are polishing a raw yoyo, Buff Polish should work.

Okay? PM me if you have further questions. :wink:

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