finger spinning tip

I just got a glove to keep myself from cutting the webbing in between my fingers and was wondering are there any tips to finger spinning with a glove? Everytime I do it the yoyo just wobbles around my finger and dies.

Also I’m using a duncan strix and can do finger spins just fine on my fingernails but want to learn with a glove as well.

Please let us know what yoyo you are using first of all, but I’m guessing you bought a horizon and having a hard time? if so don’t worry about it, it’s normal.

Number 1 rule is to relax the finger, never keep it stiff! the glove helps cut down on friction just a bit.
This is all assuming your yoyo is a concave side like horizon.

Sometimes you might not be throwing hard enough or getting it on your finger fast enough. (careful not to hit your face & stuff)

Some yoyos require the yoyo to be tilted a bit for them to work, normally they are flat faced with a some angular cut thing.

Anyway again relax the finger cause what it does is the relaxing part compensates for the yoyo moving around. Never straight like your gonna poke someones eye out! but like um pushing a button under the table or something. Better yet watch tips on you youtube especially with paul kerbel talking about it.

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Sounds like experience

Thank you for the info, still can’t do fingerspins with a glove to save my life but i’m a lot better with my fingernail now.

The strix is polished, so it really will only fingerspin well if you use your nails. Anything else like a glove or skin will make fingerspins really short on polished yoyos.

I’m pretty sure it’s just the glove, not you. If you get something like the YYO Orbis, which is blasted, it should be better.

But in any case, a glove will still make fingerspins shorter than if you were to use your nails or even just your skin(if you have short or “no” nails).

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sorry didn’t see the yoyo :stuck_out_tongue: was reading it in a rush to go somewhere i guess.

Technically it should be on the fingertip part along with the nail, don’t grow your nails or anything.
Alternative to the glove is putting some talc powder on your hand to keep it dry. Anything can ‘grind’ on a nice dry surface. I need this and gloves cause i live in a humid country.

Be quick but not in a rush for everything and once its on the finger just let it do it’s thing and try not to stiffen up cause your so awesome.

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Ah, I had no clue that using a glove with a polished yoyo wouldn’t work too well. Thank you all for the info as my finger spinning tricks have improved a whole heck of a lot now!

I always thought it would be the opposite-- a smooth polished surface with a glove would work well, but the rougher-feeling surface of a blasted yoyo would cause friction with the glove.