Will cleaning my bearing definatly fix my problem of responsiveness, loud sound

hey i just ordered some lube then i also got mineral spirits but will it definatly work or is there like a 75% chance, i mean ive only had this yoyo 2 weeks and i really dont want $100 down the drain

A bum 5 - 10 dollar bearing never means a 100 dollar yo-yo is broken. Cleaning the bearing out can help reduce responsiveness, however you’ll probably find that it’ll make the bearing louder since there will be no lubricant between the balls and the race in the bearing.

yea, my Dv888 came with a YYF bearing (obviously). Its quiet. but every once in a while it gets this really obnoxiously loud sound coming from it. I cleaned it and lubed it again and it didn’t help.

I’m thinking get a better bearing. KK bearing maybe? they’re pretty quiet. 10 balls are nice and quiet, smooth…but they tend to responsive at first.

If you want it to be unresponsive and quiet, give it a good cleaning, and drop a drop of lube onto a pin then touch one of the balls. Then, spin the bearing slowly and smoothly for a few minutes so the lube spreads around, and you should be good to go.