Will BvM2 be Plastic?

Well a while back I saw on CLYW’s website that there was going to be a Bear vs Man Round 2 and just today I saw they were also maiing a plastic. Do you think Chris is going to suprise us with a a plastic BvM2?

Bc he posted pics, and its metal

wHERE ?!?! I havent seen it

They’re on Chris’ instagram and on the CLYW facebook page.


Here ya go. I honestly don’t like the re-design, CLYW is kinda overdoing the inner lip, plus I love the BVM as it is.

It isn’t quite a double lip.

looks like bassalope shape
bvm thicknesss
cascade weighting

I agree, it looks very Bassalope to me as well. Kind of really curious about this thing…

On the subject, what do you guys think about CLYW starting a line of plastic yo-yo’s?

I love caribou lodge, but the thought of a plastic from them just doesn’t sound appealing. it’d probably be priced high and play just alright. but who knows?

I think they should and if they play good everyone will buy them it’s a no brainier

I feel like its more a Bassalope 2 haha

But I don’t care, because that’s they only thing that bothered me on the bassy, the super thin walls of the yoyo!

I personally really like the re-design, as I personally didn’t think the original BvM was their best throw, or even in the top 5. I really want a BvM2 now, it looks nice and after all the stuff they have learned since they released the original, I’m sure it will play awesome! As far as plastic throws go…I dunno, it’d be interesting to see, but If they do make a plastic, it’ll most likely be made out of Delrin.

Chris says the plastic will not be delrin, injection molded instead.

Poly carb or celcon. I wouldn’t mind a plastic peak.

I would take a plastic chief or arctic circle, but anyways … can’t wait for all the new stuff to drop!!!

Plastic Peak would be amazing. Second choice for me would be Arctic Circle. Maybe plastic Avalanche?

I’ve always dreamed of a translucent blue plastic peak.

That’d be awesome! Translucent plastic would look great on any CLYW.