Plastic clyw

Do you want one? What do you think it will be like?
I really want one and I don’t even no the details yet!

Ahhh, hype at its finest.

So you’d want to own a CLYW plastic if it were the size of a Big Ben, yet weighed 34g?


Insightful as always, LinksLegionaire. We all know that CLYW has zero track record, and is likely to release just the type of throw you’re suggesting. Keep telling it like it is, my man.


its a clyw though, I’m pretty sure it will be nice, and try big yo that might be a deal breaker.

Please site where you found they were making a plastic. If can’t properly post it on the board for any reason, message it to me.

Until then, I’m a non-believer. A thread talking about a yoyo that looked like plastic in a CLYW Video just faded off a few days ago (and it turned out not to be plastic). :-X


No the said on there sight that they are so it’s happening!

Actually, he is telling it like it IS. Your contention is that the hype is warranted. That may be - but without any concrete information other than the usual hype-machine from up-North; your comments are just fiction and your criticism appears to be self-serving.

It was either a tweet or an instagram response, but somebody asked Chris if CLYW was making a plastic, and he responded with yes.


What ever happened to Grammar? That is horrendous. Almost as bad as when people talk in all caps…


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Lol Ikr!!! It like a Terible thing!

Seriously, though, Chris did say on his Facebook that they were making a plastic. He says it is not delrin, it is injection molded.

Well, CLYW has no track record with plastics, they haven’t mentioned any specs, so yeah, I thinking hyping it up is absolutely stupid. I’ll probably end up buying it, but with no idea of what the yoyo is, how can you justify hyping it up just because it’s new and from CLYW?

Chris said it himself on Twitter

I’m curious if their target market will be willing to pay a high price tag for a plastic. Even if its made out of “fine” polymer will people be willing to pay 50-60 bucks for it? They could pick up a fools gold at that rate? The could make a throw for around 30-40 but that just doesn’t seem to be their style. I think they should stick to metal.

I buy plastics in the range of 40-90 because, seriously guys, material is really second banana to quality in most cases. I’d totally consider buying a Caribou delrin or polycarb provided it tickles my fancy in the shape and weight department.

I’d buy it if it is less than thirty bucks.

Just noting that everyone talking about it being an “expensive plastic” are going on zero. There’s no indication even what KIND of plastic it will be. For all we know, they will come out of left field with a $10 looper.

Chris said it was gonna be a mold injected plastic, I think.