Anyone else want CLYW to make a plastic?

People always complain about how hard it is to get CLYW throws, or maybe they might be a bit to expensive, but i think a CLYW plastic would be BEAST! kinda like what YYR is doing with the diffusion.

I’d think it’d be interesting.

We should start a petition!

Im still waiting on info of the “white wolf” that I have heard rumored since worlds last year. CLYW Delrin would be amazing.

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Yes, yes it would.

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CLYW delrin? Sounds like a winner.

CLYW plastic? Should be interesting. We’re talking an original design, though, not trying to re-make something else in a plastic, right? It would be a good experiment.

There’s a lot of good plastics out there. Anything is possible.

this sounds pretty cool im still waiting on the new avalanches

btw whats the difference between plastic and delrin? ive never played delrin sadly

I really like the sound of your idea here. If they could create a delrin or plastic with the same performance as their metals I’d swoop one up.

but still…CLYW offering plastic would kinda seem like Lexus selling motor scooters.

Delrin sounds like it’d be pretty sweet.

Plastic would be cool too.

Delrin Chief <3

As long as people don’t moan and gripe about the price. Hurrr $80 plastic boycott Clewwwwwwwww fereverrrr.

That’s it right in a nutshell isn’t it. If CLYW came out with an $80 plastic would the community be persuaded it was still a better deal than say a YYF SuperNova or Genesis or something for the same dollars. The market can be fickle about this kind of thing. One wonders how it might go.

None in their right mind would spend $80 on a plastic. Now if were talking something delrin then thats a different story. But knowing CLYWs prices recently id expect a very high price tag well over $80. A delrin chief would be dope though.

Delrin is plastic

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More specifically, a certain type of plastic. Same as Celon, except this is machined like an aluminum yoyo.

Delrin Avalanche!

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Not exactly, but close.

Well buh, that’s a given.

Just pointing it out because there are a few different types of plastic so that people dont think that all plastics are Delrin. Ill admit it wasnt phrased perfectly though

A polycarbonate or Delrin galactic goose?



It just wouldn’t seem like CLYW to me.

But I still second the derlin Chief.

Maybe a collab, but not a main release from CLYW.