Wide yoyo's

What are the best wide yoyos out there, doesnt have to be freakishly wide but thats accepted too. I was thinking the manatee or the edge.

Let me hear everyones ideas!

Yoyofactory Monster is very wide, along with the SuperWide. A very nice stable and wide throw in would recommend is the C3yoyodesign Teleport

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Gotta say Manatee

Lol I saw your review, your obsessed with that thing :smiley:

Did u also try the edge?

Well, I’ll tell you something. Actually more than something.

First; I am not obsessed with anything.

That being said; the Manatee is quite possibly the Best yoyo that CLYW has ever released.

Yes; it is that good. And at the price; it is a steal of a deal.

If every 1A yoyo player was limited by law(lol) to owning no more than 5 yoyos; a Manatee should be one of them.

For a single metal yoyo with no obvious strategic weight placement; it has a fairly normal look but plays abnormally wellđź‘Ť

I know $85 isn’t peanuts… But a Manatee is worth every dollar.

You literally get Gold for the ticket price of a fools gold.



I second that. The manatee is the best yoyo I’ve used; that’s coming from many a self-professed CLYW connoisseur. I’ve used that, the Stampede, the acrylic Steamroller, the Wet Whistle, and the Clashcube. All are worth it. If not the Manatee, the Stampede and the Clashcube are excellent if you can find one.

I have to agree manatee is the clear choice!

im working on getting a second one just to keep looking pretty. ive never owned any other CLYW but it trumps all of the one drops i have.

Id like to hear the rest of that list…

Thanks for everyone’s reply, the only thing thats making me hesitant of the manatee is its 67 grams and i usually prefer a yoyo lighter than that…

If i did not know that exact number, I would say it was closer to feeling like somewhere in the pallpark of 64g or so. The acceleration makes it feel alot lighter than it reads on paper. Theres no real heft to it and if you need to stop and switch direction it will do so without hesitation or resistance. it plays more special than it looks or costs.