I want Want a W I D E yoyo. Any suggestions?

I want a yoyo over 46mm wide. Any suggestions? I don’t care about price.

Spyy Revenger,

48 mm wide, 54 mm height. It’s the best wide yoyo I’ve played that doesn’t feel like it’s pushing into novelty territory.

Get ready for the brand new CLYW Manatee. It will drop sometime this month and will be Very Wide.

Super wide :slight_smile: there is someone who has one on sale for $25 on the BST (xxeddiexx or something like that I believe)

Manatee is nice 'n wide, not overly wide but it’s easy to land tricks with.

Firrox and Hidra are just a bit under the width you mentioned but they are also fairly wide.

The C3 Teleport is pretty fun. Width is 51

Thanks for all of the help guys!

Teleport is a great choice, also check out some yo-yos from x-Cube - They have a few wide yo-yos that are really good.

The YYF Atlas is amazing. 53 mm wide 57 mm height.

Atlas is awesome

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