I want Want a W I D E yoyo. Any suggestions?


I want a yoyo over 46mm wide. Any suggestions? I don’t care about price.


Spyy Revenger,

48 mm wide, 54 mm height. It’s the best wide yoyo I’ve played that doesn’t feel like it’s pushing into novelty territory.

(InvaderDust) #3

Get ready for the brand new CLYW Manatee. It will drop sometime this month and will be Very Wide.


Super wide :slight_smile: there is someone who has one on sale for $25 on the BST (xxeddiexx or something like that I believe)


Manatee is nice 'n wide, not overly wide but it’s easy to land tricks with.

Firrox and Hidra are just a bit under the width you mentioned but they are also fairly wide.


The C3 Teleport is pretty fun. Width is 51


Thanks for all of the help guys!


Teleport is a great choice, also check out some yo-yos from x-Cube - They have a few wide yo-yos that are really good.


The YYF Atlas is amazing. 53 mm wide 57 mm height.


Atlas is awesome

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