Should I get the CLYW Manatee?

(????????? ??????) #1

What do you guys think about me getting the Manatee.
These are my personal yoyo preferences.

  1. I love stupid Wide yo-yos
  2. I like yo-yos that are rim weighted
  3. H shapes and W shapes are my preference
  4. Yo-yos that work well with fatter string

What are your thoughts?


The yoyo is very wide and does well with thick string. It is also very good at grinds. I would recommend one. Amazing yoyo!

(Joseph) #3

I LOVE my Manatee. The Yoyo feels AMAZING and is SUPER stable and long spinning. I would get this Yoyo in a heartbeat if I were you. :wink:

(Francisco) #4

I got the fools gold manatees last week and I haven’t put it down. I’ve been carrying it around despite the width making it a little too big for a pocket throw. I think there’s still a few left.


Onedrop T1


Same as me with the FG drop.

(shubham) #7

i know only one wide yoyo i.e magic yoyo desperado.

(Colby Hans) #8

The Clyw Manatee is a great yoyo. If your looking for a wide yoyo, you’ve found it. It doesn’t have to have fat string on it, of course that’s your choice. The wideness will help you with landing hops and whips a bit easier. Its just an amazing yoyo all around.

({John15}) #9

Larry?.. What are you doing?

Hahaha, VeggieTales cracks me up man.

(shubham) #10

Once check yoyoempire mystic bat , yyf monster edge and yyf Marco horizon.

(ClockMonster) #11

So around this time last year, 42.5mm was apparently considered “wide” by yoyo standards of 2017. I say this based on the following statement from Brandon Vu (the video should already be cued up at the relevant point, no need to watch from the beginning):

If this is true, then it seems to me that in less than twelve months what we consider “wide” has grown dramatically by at least 4-5mm. That’s insane!


Based on the offset outlier (his yoyo) I think he likes really narrow yo-yos. So take that with a grain of salt. Shutter is 44.4 mm wide and that’s from 2013 so I think this is his personal preferences talking.