CLYW Manatee vs Basecamp Jackknife


I have a hard time picking between these 2.
I mostly play slow ( as i love slacks and grinds tho) and I need stability.
I’ve been thinking for it for a long time tho, thats why :


It is wiiiiiide, like its 0,4 mm wider than any other of my yoyos.
It was mostly made for Ricardo Fraolini who is known of slow and slacky play, so I guess it is something :smiley:
I was pretty hyped also about its being a smaller yoyo - I have big hands but I still feel like sometimes yoyo is too big to pass some chopsticks for example.
I am also afraid of this 48mm wide, because I sometimes mess up tricks cuz of hitting 2 strings instead of 1.


Well, I liked the idea of the yoyo - it has fingerspin cups ( so I won’t propably buy the horizon as I wanted)
I wonder if the shape isn’t V-ish as it looks quite like it.
I heard that alot of them have vibe as its a problem with the design

So,I’ve been throwing for almost 2 years, started to create my “own” style and I dont know which to pick :smiley:

For now I have
YYF Shutter, YYF Aviator, YYO Orbis, C3 Dymension ( my 5a throw ) and YYE Simple Love.


I like the jackknife


I own both and they are both very fun throws. The manatee is top notch quality. I own two and they are both GLASS smooth. The both grind for days and can go as fast or as slow as you want them to. They do not horizontal fingerspin too well though. I can do it just long enough to bind. Keep in mind I’ve only been throwing a few months. Also the smaller size is fun. It is wider than all my others but does play as wide as it is. With all that being said, it isn’t quite as stable as the jacknife because of its wider profile.

The jacknife is also a very fun throw. It is pretty v shaped but not sharp of that makes sense. It feels great in the hand and throws wonderfully. The quality isn’t really anywhere near CLYW in my opinion but it’s still great if that counts. I got the blue one and it came with a small amount of vibe that I can’t feel during play, only with a finger test. I was able to smooth it out quite a bit by tuning it though. It’s surface doesn’t allow for quite as long of a grind but when it comes to fingerspins this thing is a beast.

Personally I don’t think you can go wrong with either one you choose.


How did you tune Jackknife?

Well, I was mostly looking for competetive lvl throw :stuck_out_tongue:


I switched the axle around and the bearing until it was the smoothest. There are videos on YouTube on how to do it. It’s pretty easy.

If you’re looking for competitive play I’d say go with the manatee. You can’t go wrong with CLYW. I own 5 and the are my smoothest best playing throws. But don’t sleep on the jacknnife either. It really is a lot of fun.


Also playing with a bit wider throw would make you that much better at hitting you string tricks correctly. When I play with my manatee and switch to a normal wide throw I play so much smoother.


Gah, thats still a pretty hard pick tho, as I heard from alot of subscribed players alot of good opinions bout Jackknife. But maybe manate is the way to go then :v


I honestly play my jacknife a bit more than my manatee if that says anything. Maybe just because it can fingerspin? It really is a good all-rounder and just plain fun to play. I love my manatee don’t get me wrong. Ugh, they are both so good. Just buy both!!!


I’d buy both if they would be so cheap :wink: As I dont live in the US :smiley:
I picked manatee tho