Hey all, I’m debating weather or not to get a manatee while I have the chance.

I’ve been throwing my shutter and onestar (in a cave) for the past year and a half and while they’re great and all, I’ve grown out of both of them quite a bit.
I’ve been dreaming of a smoother, slower, less competition oriented yoyo for the longest time now and the manatee seems to be just that, and at price that I can almost get my head around.

I have no real way to try out a manatee myself (or any other yoyos for that matter) so naturally, I have a couple of questions before I go spending money:

Compared to a shutter, how does it play and feel?
Is it “floaty” at all?
Is it as good as other yoyos from CLYW?
Does it come packaged with that magical steez that all CLYW yoyos seem to radiate?
Will it make me want more yoyos from CLYW?

I kinda just want something different to my shutter in every way possible. As much as I love it, I’m sick to death of it!

Sorry for the long post, Just want to be sure we’re on the same page :slight_smile:


Well,shutter is a all rounded throw,but it is not high end.Its just a casual throw,ofc gentry can win worlds with it,jensen won worlds with a casualie too.The manatee tho,is completly other story.Its a high end CLYW,-Warning-IF YOU LIKE ZACHS,YUUKIS,TAKESHIS TECH and thats how you want yout style to look like,i dont think it is the best option.But if you want a style like riccardo…well…its perfect.Stable…grinds for days…Imo it is better the 90%of the CLYWs released till now.THO,the bearing is lubed and the pads are snaggy-for 2/3/4/5/10 hours maximum -that was my problem with CLYW,i were thinking they are broke,lol.But after the bearing and the pads break in,you are in that “sweet spot” for a looong time

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You’ve grown out of the Shutter??.. Man, I must still be an infant.

I ordered my Manatee the other day along with a pixel bearing and a few plastics. They’ll be here this week and I’m super hyped! ;D

Yeah, I should have left it at “I’m sick to death of it”. I could have worded the whole post a lot better now I think about it lol.

I don’t think you can class any yoyo that has been used to win a world title as casual. Thats ridiculous. It appears that neither the Shutter or Northstar are casual to those that one World’s with them, so they really shouldn’t be to us either.