The Manatee


So right now, I’m completely in love with my Manatee. It’s just too good; the finish, the stability, the speed, everything. The problem is though, after having bought the manatee just 3 weeks ago, I’m already craving for a new throw. I want to get like a scout, or an orca, but I’m not really sure if there’s a significant difference in performance between those premium throws and my manatee. Is there really, or is the difference just barely noticeable?

(Please, I need help telling myself that I shouldn’t buy another yoyo)


Buy a dollarama yoyo and you will keep using the manatee.


It’s a disease. There is no cure other than buying another yoyo.


Dammit, I knew there was no escape. Well, I guess I’ll just have to…

Buy ALL the yoyos!


The Scout, the Orca, or any other metal yoyo is not going to give you any significant performance edge over the Manatee. That being said, good luck trying not to buy another yoyo. I’ve got a pile of metals including 2 titaniums, and I can’t stop the crave.


This is gonna be hard…


It’s tough. In less than a year I’ve collected over 20. More than half being CLYW. My suggestion would be a compass. I can’t seem to put that thing down. But all in all, I enjoy all mine. My wallet on the other hand hasn’t. Haha!

(InvaderDust) #8

I own both scout and Orca, but neither really sees play over my Manatee. Both are great, but I enjoy the manatee more. If I had to choose id say scout/compass if you want faster, orca if you want fatter and more stable.


I’ll jump in on the other side of the ring… I have both the Scout and the Manatee, but I find I’m playing the scout way more often… it feels more agile…


The scout is my favorite clyw behind the canvas it’s one of the best yoyos period I have 3 and an advance😅

(InvaderDust) #11

This could be in part to my scout being Rainbow Trout and I would like to keep that one especially, pristine. So lesson learned. Dont buy yoyos that are too pretty unless you have 2. (one to play one to keep mint)


Rainbow Trout looks sweeeeeet!