Manatee doesn't have any power?


Hey guys so I had a manatee for a while but ended up trading it because I felt like it had no power or spin time at all. Is this how they normally play or was that just mine? My friend had and orca and ended up trading his too for the same reason. Is this just a play characteristic of some clyws or something? I would definitely give the manatee a second chance because I love Ricardo so much and I really wanted to like it when I had it and I did except for the power thing. Thanks guys;)


It probably needed new response pads. Response is needed to impart spin to the yoyo as the string unwinds. Otherwise the yoyo literally falls down the string with little spin developed.


Yeah except I bought it brand new and hardly played it.


The manatee is a pretty laid back playing yoyo so maybe that’s it?


How much spin time are you looking for? I’ve owned both, and neither had any issues with “power” or “spin time”.


Manatee and Orca have always felt plenty powerful to me. Cant think of any tricks where I felt either was lacking.


Maybe the water was too cold. They don’t do well in cold water.




Then it musta run out of gas.


I bet it’s a loose nut on the non yoyo end of the string


Just a reasonable amount to do some decent trick circles. I think I’ll give it another chance someday. Thanks;)
Btw mine came with the pink pads and I use kitty fat so maybe that was it? Are the pink ones really grippy or something?


Maybe the pads it came with are dead. Put some new ones in or silicone it and see what happens.


I don’t have it anymore I was just wondering if i should give it another try.


I did not know this! Thanks! My Dif Wide Sport is doing this…now I know why.


Yeah that would make sense I guess. On that note: anyone have a manatee that they want to trade? Check out my bst and lmk! Thanks :+1::grin:


Yes, dif pads tend to loose their grip noticeably after a bit. They tend to pick up stuff. You can rejuvenate them by cleaning them with lighter fluid or washing w/soap and water, then rub them down with a cloth. Sometime just a good rub down works.

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Are you by any chance have many bimetals and rim weighted throws in your collection?
That combined with fat string will make the yoyo feels like it lacks rim weight and doesn’t have enough ‘heft’ to it (kickback).


My orca felt “weak” as well. I just put in some new silicone and will test out later. I’ll report back if I can notice a difference.


That’s how mine came as well, and I use the same string. Was the bearing responsive, not broke in yet, that could’ve slowed it down. But even then spin time should’ve been plenty to do most any tricks.

All the Snow Tires are the same, just different colors.


i have a pixel in there that will spin plenty on a light flick. I did trade for the orca, so im not sure how old the throw or the pads are. The pads did come right out so im thinking theyre pretty old.