Wide Yoyo's

Looking for a yoyo thats really big in my hand for instance a YYO Jaeger or OD Cascade
But not too pricey
I’m actually just curious as to how many yo-yos have a greater than 43mm width

YYF genesis is pretty wide. I also LOOOOOOOOOOOVE my yyf monster.

C3 Teleport is superwide and only $50 and their Apparition is $99 while looking amazing
Yoyofactory of course makes the monster for $100 and the superstar 2013 edition or aviator are $80 while being wide
Of course like you said there’s the jaeger but the orbis from yoyofficer is even wider
Onedrop t1 from onedrop

That’s all the sub $100 yoyos I can think of that pass the 45mm mark for width while being $100 and under

kingyostar kit

You can still find the occasional SPYY Revenger. Even bigger is their Orbitron.

Side note: the Cascade may be wide, but it will not feel big in your hand.

There is the tenyoyo wet whistle which is wide but does not exactly feel like a big yoyo it is very comfortable to do between the finger tricks like chopsticks. Even though it is a smacking one hundred dollars they sell a very nice raw version for eighty dollars.

Yoyofficer Orbis, 46 mm width, 50$ and soon in stock at Yoyoexpert.

Yeah waiting for YYO to restock