Suggest a wide throw

Hey guys! So, I’m thinking about what throw to get next, and obviously there’s no shortage of those on YYE, but I’m looking for a specific shape (my favorite) a wide yoyo. (think Aoda Miracle, n5 Desperado etc). Can somebody suggest a few wide, CHEAP (but not cheaply made) throw for me? If so, why should I get it and how much does it cost? It’d be great if I could order it from YYE as well. Thanks!

My ideal price range would be no more expensive than say… $35-$40

etheir save money for a super wide(60$) or save enough money for a x cube steam roller(129$)
but those the any shape or wide side yoyos i could think off but if you open more on your prefence i would recoummend something like a yyf derlin severe(65ish or 70ish dollars).

Get a superwide off the bst. There are alot floating around from the mystery bags still that you can get for like $35.

Navythrow has the right idea.

Yes check the BST. It’s more of a gimmick then anything

Gimmick, yes. Fun, yes. Good for learning certain tricks, yes. Much like hubstacks why not have one to mess around with.

You can buy my super wide…threw it like 3x and wasn’t too interested. I got small girly hands.

The wet whistle is actually pretty nice.

Not cheap though.

i picked up a northstar by yyf, awhile back. i’m pretty happy w/ it. it’s size and profile is what i was after, and i was not disappointed.

fyi - the protostar is the less heavier version. and i think the rockstar is the metal version.



Master galaxy is nice. Also not cheap

Yes. The Master Galaxy plays FANTASTIC.


Thanks everybody for all the help! I didn’t know how many wide throws there even were, so this was very helpful!

one yoyo (heck, one company even) that’s overlooked most the time is the spyy revenger. Stunning aesthetics, very smooth, very stable, and very floaty. I don’t think you’ll be able to get one in your price range though sadly, even in the bst. You best bet would be saving up a bit more for an x^3/revenger/whatever other wide throws, or finding a super wide on the bst.
The x^3 stampede will grind for days, if you’re into that. I think the longest grind I’ve ever gotten out of it was 11 or 12 seconds.

thanks a lot, man!