Wide gap, full metal yoyo

Hey guys I’m looking for a yoyo similar to the new breed. I’ve been searching online and there a lot of options out there. Don’t want to buy just any metal yoyo advertised as awesome; I already fell into that trap with the 888 splash. Not saying it’s a bad yoyo, but too small for my taste at least for now but really enjoy how smooth it is and want something similar but in a wide gab like the new breed; before I blow $100 bucks on another yoyo looking for some opinions out there. Thanks really appreciated.

theres the night moves 5 but it hasnt been released yet

You can try the DNA.

The Night Moves 5 has been released ;D. You can find it at YOYONATION or YOYOGUY or THEYOSTORE…

I’ve even made a review:

I’d say go DNA… Its a full sized 888

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I like the bully for a full size yoyo
53.35mm diameter
41.5mm wide
67.9 grams
4.5mm gap
c size bearing
its $80 at one drop

G5? :wink:

the bully 2 is a great yoyo. i own one. the gap is big and the yoyo is a reasonable size. it plays great and smooth, and is well balenced. i recomend it too.


It is a very similar shape to your New Breed and it is full-sized.

It is the perfect yoyo for you so go get one now!