How has it played for you?

Hey guys,

So lately I’ve been looking for a good metal throw. I’ve always felt comfortable with undersized and never ventured out of this zone. I’ve looked at all the YYFs, CLYWs, HSPINs, and other companies that have yo-yos to offer.

While looking I passed through the DNA. It stood out to me; not just its amazing aesthetics but its size
(which I’ve never had other than my Dark Magic which I felt was okay). I’ve looked at some reviews but have seen that its a yo-yo that has an untold story and is not mentioned a lot unlike its competitors.

So my question is, for those of you who have a DNA, how has it played for you? Is it a completely new style with its size for a metal? And also, for someone who has kept himself to undersized throws, would it be a good possibility?

Hopefully I’ll get more insight to such an interesting throw. Thanks!

They have some really awesome exotic yo-yos there. As for the DNA, haven’t tried one. You could look up a review, or if there is none ask someone if they could make one.

Hope this helps!!! :wink: