Info on Mutant DNA?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has ever played with or owns a YYF Mutant DNA and could tell me what it is like. Heavy, wide, etc. Maybe compare it to a Hatrick. Thanks. 8)

Can’t talk from experience, however, I want to say I read somewhere it is considered a full size 888. So if you have ever played an 888 imagine it as a full size version of that. Again, not from experience, just what I have read a couple of people and maybe even the description of the Yoyo says.

I was extremely impressed with the Mutant DNA I tried a while back. Normal DNA’s are really floaty and smooth as can be, but the extra weight on the Mutant DNA really gives it a solid heft and a really powerful spin. If you don’t mind a really heavy throw, I say go for it.

Oh, see there you go, I didn’t know there was a difference. I thought the DNA and Mutant DNA where the same throw.

It seems pretty cool, being a full, heavy, monster DNA. There just aren’t any reviews on it since it isn’t too common.

my mutant dna is amazing it is a very solid throw and i’ve noticed you can do speed on it even though its heavy and it’s great for horizontal style tricks.the best thing about it is it will handle any trick out there