mutant dna

Is the mutant dna really that heavy??? How is the weight compared to other full metal yoyos? Please don’t tell me the literal difference in grams.

I thought it would be very heavy, but it really isn’t. After playing with it a while and then switching yoyos you will notice the difference but otherwise it’s just like any other yoyo.

I recently got a scale, which I will be using to weigh my yoyos to see how they compare to the published specs. But, I have other uses for it as well.

I don’t have a Mutant DNA. What is more important to me is how does it perform on the string. My Phenom is heavy but plays like magic. The Chaser is like 71 grams, and it also doens’t play like it weighs. my RecRev Sharp, at 71 grams, is also heavy but doesn’t play like a rock on a string either.

Some yoyos simply play heavy, some don’t. It’s just hard to explain.

It performs quite well on the string. I think the purpose of the weight is to increase spin time to help nail those longer tougher tricks.

I’ve had both DNA’s already. The Mutant DNA is a heavier yoyo. It’s not as bad as people are saying, but there is not much float at all. It’s a solid yoyo. It’s got a definite clunk at the bottom of the string. It is still very playable though.

I have a red mutant DNA and it is rather heavy and that is why i dehubbed it and now it plays like a charm I actually much prefer the mutant DNA over the regular DNA because the extra weight adds a lot stability

With the hubs it is solid yoyo that moves rather slow but still really smooth. Compared to a Genesis it is a lot heavier IMO

How did you dehub it? I have no idea how to do it :-[

you get a wrench and pull off the hubstack then take a pin and peel off the bands then pull off the bearing

I have one, and it is extremely heavy

Mutant DNA is my favorite YYF. It’s substantial. Great spin times. Good for flowing tricks, not fast tricks.