please help!!!


im looking for a new yoyo and am kinda overwhelmed. any help?

size: medium
shape: flat rims
response: no preference
mod/maintain: i maintain it but dont do extreme modding
weight: 65-70 or so grams
color:dont care
kind of tricks: technical, kinda fast, kinda smooth
price range: $75-130
skill level: freestyle moves, and some of the master tricks

i have a dm and a pgm and i like the feel of my dm better but the size of my pgm is comfortable and i dont want this to become a “which yoyo is better” but more of a “help me choose” thing so dont go saying that the 888 is the best yoyo ever or anything. ok?

(Jei Cheetah) #2

A 1st gen project meets all those criteria quite well.



Yup, a Project sounds good.

How about a BBYY Bully?


i cant find a project 1 anywhere! only project 2! is that like the same thing or is it completely different? i havnt played any of onedrops yoyos.

(JonasK) #5

Yeah I’d go Bully. It’s a tad bit bigger than a Project which makes it kind of medium. And the 1st gen Project is a tiny gram under your weight.

A Project 2 is the evolution of the original Project. The rims are slightly angled and the weight has been increased. There are some other subtle changes as well.

(Chris Allen) #6

p2, dv888, bully, or the c13 when it drops
There is also the Pistolerro

(JackG) #7

Pistolerro great yoyo


do the engravings on pistolero affect play? like on grinds or while sleeping

(Chris Allen) #9