Why is it that some people buy yoyo’s, but dont use them, i was looking in the B/S/T section and saw a few of these. Not just on this site but on yoyonation as well. If you do this, can you explain Why?.

Because they don’t like them. That’s also why they are selling them.

More likely “don’t use them anymore” (they bought things that they now like better).

Yeah. I have 6 metals, but I only play with two of them.

Some yoyos are true collectibles and they do not want them anymore damaged.

:slight_smile: of course people still throw them but they are not the main throw due to the fact its a prized possession.

my friend has a c22 with a kkc in it i asked him why he doesnt play with it he cant even do braintwister and he has a c22 he doesnt want it i asked him can i have it he said no asked why ‘’ BECAUSE I CANT YOYO’’ i was descusted

Ummmm…I got lost at kkc.

Here it is fixed:

My friend has a Catch22 with a Ceramic KonKave in it. I asked him why he doesn’t play with it; he can’t even do braintwister, and he has a C22. He doesn’t want it, and I asked him “Can I have it?.” And he said no, so I asked “Why?”, and he said BECAUSE I CAN’T YOYO. I was disgusted.

I don’t know what the caps lock part meant though.

Thanks Samad BTW 4747 posts :P. Well, I HIGHLY doubt he has a C22, what kind of parent would spend $400+ for a yoyo for his own kid? My dad yells at me for even THINKING about a $120+ yoyo.

One who spoils their son…to the extreme… :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt he really has a C22.

For the thread answer; because you have other yoyos you like more.

Not that you guys havent strayed from the topic but what i originally meant was that why do some people buy yoyo’s and never even open them, then want to sell at full price?

People sometimes like to buy items as collectables and when they become discontinued and/or rare, They’ll sell for equal if not higher prices to gain a profit. That’s pretty much what it comes down to IMO: build collection or profit. :slight_smile:

Well said, my good man. ;D

If you dont know how to yoyo but own one of the most expensive yoyos of all time unfortunately my only designation for you is weirdo… unless you really really hope someone will buy it someday. stilll…

Some people want to trade for a new yoyo, they have gotten all they needed out of one and want to suck the blood out of an other.