So great I can't even play it

Have you ever had a yoyo so great you won’t even play it? As many of you know, and more of you do not, I am perhaps the biggest c22 fan of all time. I have an emaculate one (mo rocks) and I just can’t bring myself to throw it. It has been sitting in its case for a while now. I have been throwing nothing but wraths.
I pulled it out today and was reminded of why I gave all I had for it. But it’s mint! I just can’t bring myself to give her all I got.
Perhaps I need to be the guy with 2.
Ever happen to you?

Yes…My Samurai FHZ that Brandon sent me from Duncan last year. It is my Holy Grail of throws and I can’t seem to get myself to open the package…it’s just so magnificent in all of it’s glory!. :’( It brings a tear to my eye.

you do realize those are toys meant to play?
just as it is crual to keep a dog from going outside, it is cruel not to play a toy

It’s not a Toy, it’s a way of life!

Live by the Yo, die by the Yo! (actually, that would be a crappy way to go haha)


Yes, I have a sleipnir which is a great throw but for some reason I just don’t play with it

Quite an interesting dilemma: When a player possesses a mint, highly sought after collectible that plays superb, but one ding or scratch drops the value like $50.

Collectible FHZ’s are an easy call, just don’t play it, because, well, they’re all the same and it’s easy to get a beater and play the heck out of it,

But what do you do with a mint catch-22?

If it were me, I would make it my main, take everywhere throw.

I’m sort of this way with my 28 Stories Peak but I have no issue playing my Frozen Mammoth Peak which is quite a bit more rare. I throw both but throw the Mammoth way more often. Possibly because I paid more for the 28 Stories, possibly because I like the Frozen Mammoth more and possibly because I’m almost certain I’ll never sell the Frozen Mammoth whereas I’d consider selling the 28 Stories for the right price. This is one of the many reasons that I’ve decided my real collecting days are likely over. If I’m not gonna give it the love it deserves, I’m not gonna buy it.

Give the C22 some love imo :slight_smile:

I might be the biggest fan of twins and multiples on the board. It allows me to have a collector and one to throw with reckless abandon. Of course it is reserved to yo-yos I really enjoy. I did that with my Ricochet #004. I threw it for a bit, but it sat in the case looking tempting until I bought #080. I throw #80 without hesitation. They are both raw…I need a blue one now.

Some of my twins are the DMII, Burnside, Model 10, Oxy 9.06, Sovereign, Monkeyfist, H.O.T., MMN, El Ranchero, Exit 8, and Chief. It works for me, and allows me to enjoy one mint, and one played. It’s the best of both worlds, and I love to have my cake and eat it too.

If I were you, I’d find a played Catch22 that still plays true. It will be less expensive, and you can enjoy the yo-yo both ways. Be patient, and take your time to save up…you will be glad you did. In the alternative, if you can’t afford another, take some nice photos of that Catch22 so you can always remember it in it’s original state…then throw the crap out of it. :wink:

I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff. Someone earlier said that the risk was getting a small scratch on a rare yoyo and dropping its value by $50. Even if you have very little income, $50 is not a life-changing amount of money. If that’s all that’s at risk, don’t worry about it!

The most expensive yoyo I owned was the Oxygene Hyperion (paid full retail for it), and had I liked the yoyo more, I’d have thrown it constantly.

when i have a yoyo i don’t want to play, i ding it :slight_smile: and i play with it after that!
or i buy a non-mint great yoyo (sleipnir, draupnir) and i m not affraid to play it if it’s not mint :slight_smile:

Never really happen to me, I throw what I got

I had this idea, I have had 5 majesty’s.

Once I had three at one time.

I love doubles. I get the rare color ways to been shelf queens an beat the crap out of the comp grade/b grades. I have 1 beater prestige, model 10, and majesty. I’m up to 7 model 10’s and 8 majesty’s.

I have a Yomega Glide but it’s not the same as you.

My first one came dinged and scratched up (know idea how) but it was beautiful. I threw it three times and the string broke twice (although, I did that over carpet so the dings, scratches, and ano flaws were not a results of that; that and they were there before) Unfortunately, I would rather have had a mint one so I sent it back to YYE and they sent me a new one (great customer service). I am too scared to even hold it because I might drop it and dent it again. I am afraid to throw it because of the string thing. I have, however, thrown it more and never have had a string break and there is no sign of damage on it.

I have a team edition Sasquatch that I consider my “Precious”!

I’d kill me if I dinged it.

I used to have a SOAS pyro that was an incredible player and a gem of a yoyo. It’s rarity made me feel uncomfortable to play it though, so I ended up buying two standard pyros to get my pyro fix :wink:

I’ve never had this because the most high end yoyo I have is a shutter.

Yeah, I have a USA Hatrick and it’s mint. I can hardly bring myself to throw it even over carpet. I use my beater Hatrick instead.

I feel ya there. I had one and when I bought it I was told it was the last one in stock and they would never be any more made. They don’t pop up for sell mint hardly ever so I didn’t play it very much at all. I had to end up selling it to get some cash, but if I still had it I probably wouldn’t risk playing it too much.

Then it would be totally inappropriate to say that among the 8 Sleipnirs I’ve owned, 6 were mint when I got them, 5 were beaten up and 2 got stripped and couldn’t be fixed.

Yeah, you are allowed to call me the Nordic Beasts Slayer.