Why such a big price difference between titan 2 and anglam?

Both are aluminum with titanium weight rings am i correct? So whats up with the more than $200 price difference?

Thickness of titanium,
Method of attaching the rings
The fact YYJ has a more efficient method, due to being a larger company
And sOMEThING is run by just Hiroyuki Suzuki(don’t quite me on this, this is a assumption)

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Thanks anyways though!

The fact that sOMThING is Japanese. Japanese yoyo’s cost more due to the exchange rate.

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Ahh, forgot that!

This. Which is also why they’ve dropped in price so much in the last couple months.

I’ve been noticing that!
Makes me kinda happy :slight_smile:

Better performance seems to be a major one.

Japanese manufacturing tends to be quite costly, smaller scale production, better performance, exchange rate, Mickey’s signature on the side…


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It is interesting to note that even with the decrease in Japanese prices due to exchange-rate fluctuations; the Anglam has maintained its price relative to the others quite well. I think that is due to the fact that the Anglam is one of the finest yo-yo’s available today.

Additionally, the manufacture of the Anglam appears to be more complex and prone to error than the Titan. With the Titan, proper fit is achieved through proper machining. The Anglam appears to require ultra-precise machining as well as assembly.

How do the Ti-rings on the Anglam get inside the rims? My guess is that the Ti rings are machined so that their diameter is just ever so slightly larger than the inner diameter of the Anglam shell. Then the Aluminum shell is heated so that it expands past this point where the Ti rings can be inserted. As the Aluminum cools, it closes around the Ti. This helps explain the use of Titanium. Without it, I would wonder about warping and associated vibe as the reheated aluminum cools. By using the Ti rings, the shape is maintained.

Or, they could just glue it… ???

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