Titanium Yoyos

Are titanium yoyos completley titanium or are they just coated in titanium? You would think they would be titanium all the way through but that would be more expensive then $300 dont you think?

full titanium

Then what if they did a titanium coated yoyo it should be like half the price ish

I have never seen titanium plating on anything, but if its possible it wouldn’t be effective in the context of a yoyo(in the way the material usually would, anyway). Unless you just want to be able to say there is titanium in your yoyo.

The whole purpose as I understand it of using Titanium in a yoyo is to have more flexibility with how you do the weight distribution, in that you can use thinner walls with Titanium than you can with Aluminum. With that in mind, Covering an aluminum yoyo with Titanium is basically useless and wouldn’t help structurally. It would be more of a “look at me, I have titanium on my yoyo” type thing, which I don’t think any maker worth their salt would really be interested in making.

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It would be full titanium. There’s no way I’d pay the $350 I did for a TI-5 if it was a titanium electroplated aluminum. Can you even do that with titanium?

The amount of gold in the weight rings of some models of the Phenom is so minute that it doesn’t even add to the cost of the yoyo. Assuming the same thing can be done with titanium to coat something, it would also have nearly the same effect on the price unless the process is more expensive, but we wouldn’t be talking about massive price jumps. This isn’t being done for performance purposes, it’s being done strictly for aesthetic purposes.

Now, if titanium was added as a material critical to the yoyo, that would really cause the price to jump. An example would be the Anglam, which uses a titanium weight ring. Although in this case, I don’t think the $135 price difference is due to simply the inclusion of this weight ring. I’m just merely using the Anglam as an example of how a yoyo can include titantium in the design.

high speed steel cutting/drill bits are often coated in a gold-colored material called “titanium nitride” which makes it significantly harder. But that’s about the only Ti-plating I know of.

Also, most ti yoyos are done in grade 5

I have a ProFly with a custom grooved bearing and Ti weight rings to change the shape to a proper butterfly. also has double pad recess. This and my MG are the best dunans I own. So whilst I really love my BSP and my SOV, this baby rocks just as hard. Not bad for partial Ti construction.

Got pics of the ProFly Grendel?

Titanium alloy. Most likely Ti6-4.

No yoyos are currently made of commercially pure titanium.

Titanium is a reactive metal thus you won’t be plating anything with it.