why often got bad bind in 3a ?

recently got into 3a, and found it often got sucked when i bind with my left hand yoyo. every 3 min force me to use a toothpick…

anyone has same experience?

Practice more and manage string tension. That’s about the only advice I can give.

Practice… I’m sure you sucked at binding with your dominant hand when you first started didn’t you? Instead of jumping right into 3A try doing more 1A with your off hand.

Never got sucked when working with my dominate throw hand , just slipped and got unbind during the time I m learning .

I was wondering how this thing got sucked when I change a hand. Also my yoyo quickly tilt when landing on string , and I got trouble with snap start coz the hand was tied by another yoyo

You’re doing stuff with the other hand. You’re effectively starting over. Your brain has the information, but you have to re-develop the motor skills and memory on the other hand and arm. The difference is that this time, is that you don’t have to relearn everything, just how to do it with the other hand.